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© Martin Fengel<br/>    Picture: Courtesy of Nusser & Baumgart, Munich<br />

Martin Fengel

Born 1964 in Munich, Germany
Lives and works in Munich

CUT 1 (from the "CUT" series), 2007

C-print on aluminium
90 x 60 cm

Martin Fengel photographs motifs just as he encounters them, without changing them, without idealising them. The focus of his camera is usually on seemingly insignificant detail: a lifebuoy, a sledge forgotten in slush, a paper airplane, a paint pot. The choice of the detail or object is based on formal composition criteria, and on how something looks rather than what it states. Fengel does not take a documentary approach to photography. Instead, he searches for those semantic breaking points in reality where things acquire an "other", new meaning.

Thus, in the "CUT" series, the viewer is relegated to perceiving a surface. The viewer recognises texture without understanding its meaning. Body and paint damage to wrecked cars, which themselves tell a story, become a visually interesting and aesthetically pleasing interplay of form and colour.

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