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© Lori Hersberger<br/>    Picture: Ulrich Ghezzi<br />

Lori Hersberger

Born 1964 in Basel, Switzerland
Lives and works in Zurich

Air du charme, 2005

Acrylic on a plexiglas mirror
260 x 200 cm

Lori Hersberger works with different media and materials. Since the 1990s, he has largely devoted himself to working with bright neon colours that he paints and sprays onto various image carriers. The neon paints he chooses take on a luminescence of their own, standing out not only next to classic white canvases, but also reflecting on blank mirror surfaces. Using mirrors as his painting background, Hersberger breaks up the two-dimensional image surface and integrates the mirrored environment into his works.

In "Air du charme", neon greens, violets and white colour structures interweave with the reflection of the room, at times highlighting the free hand of the artist, at times his use of stencils. The architecture opens up and, at the same time, is perpetuated in the mirror. Stepping in front of the work, observers also become a part of the artwork. The colours suddenly seem to be suspended in space, tangible, and change their positions with the observer's vantage point.

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