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© Lawrence Weiner / Munich Re<br/>    Picture: Simone Rosenberg, Munich<br />

Lawrence Weiner

Born 1942 in New York, USA
Lives and works in New York and Amsterdam

Steine & Steine, Steine + Steine, Steine und Steine, 2007

Paint on wall

Lawrence Weiner is a pioneer of conceptual art of the 1960s. His medium of expression is language. In clear typography and puristically aesthetic form, he designs his texts, which are always reduced to the essentials of their statement. Depending on their location and intent, they sometimes appear as mural paintings, sometimes as text sculptures. His word pictures provoke thought, irritate viewers and prompt them to ask critical questions and think further.

The walls of the former chapel in Schloss Hohenkammer, freed of all the decoration, provide an ideal place for Weiner's work. The individual letters are composed of stylised bricks, gleaming silver and outlined in matt black. First, the mathematical "+" joins the two words, then the commercial "&", then the literary "und". Each of the additive signs stands for a different function, for different procedures and approaches. And the stones form the foundation.

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