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© Jonathan Borofsky<br/>    Picture: Jens Weber, Munich<br />

Jonathan Borofsky

Born 1942 in Boston, USA
Lives and works in Ogunquit

Walking Man, 1995

Steel tube, fiberglass mats
Height, 17 m

Jonathan Borofsky's artistic work focuses on conditions of human existence and identity. In his drawings, which were partly created following dreams, we find running, flying or levitating figures. These serve as models for the artist’s sculptures, their sketch-like form being directly transformed into three-dimensional figures.

"Walking Man", in front of the Munich Re office building, has no eyes, nose or mouth, and is neither man nor woman. The figure strides forward with long steps, apparently unstoppable. The purposeful stride and body language suggest a will to set out in search of new horizons and a determination to progress in the original sense of the term.

Location: Leopoldstrasse 36, Munich

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