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© Jens Wolf<br/>    Picture: Courtesy of Jens Wolf/Galerie Six Friedrich & Lisa Ungar, Munich<br />

Jens Wolf

Born 1967 in Heilbronn, Germany
Lives and works in Berlin

07-46, 2007

Acrylic on plywood
80 x 60 cm

In his artistic oeuvre, Jens Wolf focuses on the canonical tradition of forms in geometric abstraction without adapting the conceptual austerity of his models of the 1960s. He concentrates on the central categories of colour, shape and flatness. His paintings suggest dimensionality, universality and timelessness by appearing to transcend any personal artistic style.

Wolf subtly accentuates his geometric images, reduced to a few colours, with breaches of form: here a layer of paint flaking off, there a blotch of paint. These are staged flaws that undermine the traditional notion of purity of form as the embodiment of abstract, formalist art. But the image media themselves are also damaged. In many cases, the thin plywood is warped or the surface cracked. The artist thus deliberately confronts presumed flawlessness with flaws.

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