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© VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn 2019<br/>    Picture: Jens Bruchhaus, Munich<br />

Jürgen Partenheimer

Born 1947 in Munich, Germany
Lives and works near Cologne

Canto V, 3 (portfolio with 9 sheets), 1997

Etching, lithography, heliorelief on paper
119 x 78 cm each

In Jürgen Partenheimer's graphic works, abstract forms and symbols become the bearers of lyrical messages. His line is clear and direct, yet also fancifully roaming and tentative. It forms ellipses, circles, thickening and compacting, outlining imaginary receptacles and bodies with the greatest of ease, and, at the same time with the compactness of suggestive poetry. Syntheses of extraordinary tension are thus created: a combination of capriciousness and premeditation, the organic and the constructed, recollection and the present, figural and abstract, the discovered and the imagined.

In the "Canto V" portfolio, a clearly defined surface allows room for multi-level discourse, initiated not least by the title: Canto – a hymn to the colour blue. This blue meets the firm line, the line meets the form. A subtle dialogue between colour and form begins, the dynamic and the stationary, harmony and disharmony, boundlessness and limitations unite.

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