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Jürgen Partenheimer

Born 1947 in Munich, Germany
Lives and works near Cologne

Weltachse, 1997

Bronze, hand-painted
710 x 65 x 75 cm

Jürgen Partenheimer invariably develops his work from abstraction. In his imagery, it is not materiality that has meaning, but the line, colour and the relationship between form and space. Like a cartographer, he demonstrates to the viewer of his sculptures, drawings, paintings and graphics that there are unknown, imaginary realms of consciousness beyond our reality.

"Weltachse" stands in the large inner courtyard of Munich Re's historical main building. The seemingly uncontrolled sequence of 13 differently sized hand-painted bronze cubes contrasts with the strict order of the architectural environment. Only at second glance, does one recognise the equilibrium of its structure and composition. The small and large cubes support one another, each is part of the overall construction. In 2000, the sculpture was displayed in the Forbidden City in Beijing, where Partenheimer became the first German artist after 1945 to have a solo exhibition in Beijing's National Gallery.

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