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© Ingrid Calame<br/>    Picture: Stefan Altenberger<br />

Ingrid Calame

Born 1965 in New York, USA
Lives and works in Los Angeles

chUUnch, 1998

Enamel on aluminium
60 x 60 cm

At first glance, Ingrid Calame's work seems to adhere to the tradition of abstract expressionism, which drew its imagery from the subconscious and rendered it visible through expressive gestural painting. Calame's source, however, is not the subconscious, but the streets of Los Angeles. Here, on the city's sidewalks and ground, she finds spots, streaks and splashes, whose forms she archives. She copies the structure of the clotted and dried shapes on tracing paper, fits the spots together into new arrangements and, during the creative process, invents an imaginary title inspired by the work. From these studies, she then develops her abstract compositions in enamel paint on aluminium plate.

In her work, Ingrid Calame combines abstraction with reality and thus assigns a location in time and space to her seemingly non-referential abstractions.

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