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© Hubert Scheibl<br/>    Picture: Jens Bruchhaus, Munich<br />

Hubert Scheibl

Born 1952 in Gmunden, Austria
Lives and works in Vienna

Vertigo, 2008/2009

Oil on canvas
190 x 280 cm

Hubert Scheibl creates his compositions using a wet-on-wet technique, applying layer on layer of paint, working with palette knives and scrapers and using his whole body to form a colour cosmos on the white surface. This produces images of strength and dynamism, in which the colours permeate one another, mix, and then separate again and glow in all their purity. The layering of colours creates a visual space with a spherical aura that allows the viewer to enter into a reality that exists beyond all things material. In Scheibl’s work Vertigo, the beholder feels like a witness to a drama that sheds light on the cosmic history of how our world came into being: the creation, shaping and forming of primeval matter.

Scheibl’s poetic and meditative abstractions invite the imagination to conjure up pictures, feelings, stories suggested by the title the artist gives his work. They are frequently from famous films whose images stimulate the imagination as part of our collective consciousness.

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