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© Horndash/Tanterl<br/>    Picture: Stefan Müller-Naumann, Munich<br />

Horndash and Tanterl

Ulrich Horndash, Born 1951 in Nuremberg, Germany
Dietmar Tanterl, Born 1956 in Dietzen, Austria
Live and work in Munich

Untitled, 1994

75 Light boxes, red carpet
Length 80 m

In his art, Ulrich Horndash primarily devotes himself to the realm between science and art. Dietmar Tanterl initially established a reputation in photography and video. Since the early 1990s he has been developing light and architecture to a central theme of his work.

Red and white are the dominating colours in the passageway designed by Horndash and Tanterl. A wall is breached by identical, light rectangles. These are panes of milk glass, set flush with the surface and lit from behind. The white of the wall recedes behind the white of the light. This lateral source of light, perceived as daylight, makes passers-by forget that they are actually below ground. The two artists play with the elements of perception and stage an "illumination" process at an underground venue.

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