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Hiroyuki Masuyama

Born 1968 in Tsukuba, Japan
Lives and works in Düsseldorf and Tokyo

Tokyo-London, 2002

LED light boxes, four-part
30 x 1200 x 4 cm

Stopping time, capturing a moment – such is the raison d'être of photography. But how is it possible to show a continuum, a time sequence in a single image? Hiroyuki Masuyama found his own artistic response to this question. With a highly concentrated yet holistic view, he documents changes. Continuously, sometimes over a period of years, Masuyama observes and documents selected places, for example his room or a particular spot in a Düsseldorf park. "Tokyo-London" was created during an eleven-hour flight from Tokyo to London, during which Masuyama took one shot a minute from the window of the airplane. Digital assembly of the photos produced a spatially dense landscape formation that had previously not been visible to the naked eye. The time of the flight and the distance covered merge into one image. The linearity of time and space is suspended, reality becomes utopia.

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