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© Hermann Kleinknecht<br />Picture: Munich Re

Hermann Kleinknecht

Born 1943 in Bad Berneck, Germany
Lives and works in Berlin

Untitled (Meteorite), 1988

Diameter: approx. 180 cm

Hermann Kleinknecht’s sculpture is disconcerting. Embedded in gravel, the 180 cm tall bronze meteorite lies in the middle of an urban space, in a right-angled grove dominated by severe lines. Unimaginably strong, dynamic forces appear to have shaped its amorphous surface dotted with craters and gouges on its long journey towards Earth. It conveys the impression that it came to rest at this exact spot by pure coincidence – right in between the opposite poles represented by humans and nature. The feeling of impotence and helplessness in the face of nature’s force contrasts with the predictability and measurability of man-made nature.

Hermann Kleinknecht studied at the Munich Academy of Fine Arts. Many of his large, often geometrical, sculptures can be found in public spaces.

Location: Gedonstrasse 8, Innenhof

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