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Gabriele Basch

Born 1964 in Bad Homburg, Germany
Lives and works in Berlin

morgen (58), 2000

Paint on paper cut-outs
80 x 360 cm

For her paper cut-outs, Gabriele Basch exchanged a paintbrush for a cutting knife. Here, vegetal ornaments form into an organic mesh network, punctuated by what appears to be naturalistic flowers that give rhythm to the seemingly endless profusion of branches. Cut out of black paper, the ornamental band is suspended before a white ground. But the purity of the white is broken by a delicate red. Free of any physical materiality, this colourful shimmer – created by the painted back side of the black paper – seems to shine out of nowhere, giving rise to a colour space that envelopes the subtle contours of the plant-like ornaments. Gabriele Basch's paper
cut-outs are spatial productions that play with light-dark contrast and with the light of colour.

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