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© Franziska Kneidl<br/>    Picture: Kai Middendorff Galerie, Frankfurt a. M.<br />

Franziska Kneidl

Born in 1967 in Bochum, Germany
Lives and works in Frankfurt am Main

B.V., 2015

Acrylic, oil and paint on plastic
144 x 99 x 32 cm

In her latest cycle of works, Franziska Kneidl breaks out from the planar confines of the canvas. She applies and sprays paint on to transparent plastic films, which she then superimposes on each other to create relief-like, three-dimensional objects. The painted films with their oscillating vividness, draped over a frame, take the shape of bodies, and remind the viewer of fairy-like figurines who are freed from the bonds of earthly gravity and dance through space. It is an interplay of material, colour and space, raised up by an inspiring lightness and fascinating perspectives through the transparent colours.

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