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© VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn 2019<br/>    Picture: Stephen Brayne, London<br />

Florian Süssmayr

Born 1963 in Munich, Germany
Lives and works in Munich

25.11.2006, 2006

Oil on canvas
200 x 190 cm

Florian Süssmayr finds his motifs in his immediate surroundings, on the street, in bars, on the walls of subway stations. His focus is often on the commonplace, on incidental and unspectacular objects such as doodles, beer glasses on tables, tavern bills, open-air bars, tattoos or football fields. Landscapes and portraits of people are also of interest to him. Most of his visual artefacts are processed into large-scale paintings whose form language wavers between realism with a photographic allure and artistic abstraction, between documentary topography and indefinite, nameless space. Süssmayr's pictures show details of his personal world, which centres around his native city of Munich. They are individual views of our urban reality that draw attention to the margins of our society and seemingly inconsequential things.

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