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© Flaka Haliti<br/>    Picture: Flaka Haliti / Kunstverein München

Flaka Haliti

Born 1982 in Pristina, Kosovo
Lives and works in Munich, Pristina and Vienna

Is it you, Joe? #1, 2015

Screen print on digital photograph
80 x 100 cm

Flaka Haliti’s installations, drawings, photographs and performances revolve around social issues concerning the topics of migration, travel, belonging and identity.

Against the blue of the background, as if from out of nowhere, the contours of a shape take on a form, which – although a mere haze and reduced to sparse shapes – has something highly individual about it. In the series “Is it you, Joe?”, which she began in 2015, Haliti introduces the fictional character Joe. The artist and her imagined companion criss-cross Haliti’s artistic work in an interplay. Joe is Haliti’s alter ego and counterpart who, as it were, has the ability to act as a self-critical commodity. Whether the digitally scribbled figure depicts Joe, or was drawn by Joe, remains unanswered.

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