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© Erwin Redl<br/>    Picture: Courtesy of Häusler Contemporary Munich/Zurich<br />

Erwin Redl

Born 1963 in Gföhl, Austria
Lives and works in Bowling Green (Ohio)

Untitled (cracks), two-part, 2004

Mixed media on paper
120 x 89 cm each

Erwin Redl's oeuvre is a reflection on artistic positions in the face of our experience with the digital world. It includes installations, CD-ROMs, electronic music, drawings, paintings. His preferred medium is light, which he directs according to strict rules inspired by computer code. His large-scale light installations, which also involve the viewer as an actor, transform architectural space into a realm of light and colour.

"Cracks", his work on paper, is also dictated by the laws and interactions of different media. Redl applied a layer of white emulsion paint to paper prepared with a coloured ground. Inevitably, the drying paint developed shrinkage cracks, which produced a brightly coloured web-like structure that penetrates the overlying white.

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