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© Ernst Caramelle<br/>    Picture: Christoph Knoch, Munich<br />

Ernst Caramelle

Born 1952 in Hall in Tirol, Austria
Lives and works in Frankfurt am Main, Karlsruhe and New York

Café Gedon, 1996

Watercolour on walls

At the heart of Ernst Caramelle's purist painting is the relationship between surface and space, between two-and three-dimensionality, and the mechanisms of perception.

In the café area in a Munich Re building, Caramelle divides walls up into separate colour panels. The translucent paint makes them appear transparent. The colours yellow, sienna and blue accentuate the wall as a surface, but in combination, create the illusion of broad space structures. This effect is enhanced by an actual window: the window opening looks onto the room behind, and is focused on still another colour composition on its opposite wall. Caramelle's work is thus a commentary of painting on architecture and space.

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