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© Emanuel Seitz<br/>    Picture: Jens Bruchhaus, Munich<br />

Emanuel Seitz

Born 1973 in Dingolfing, Germany
Lives and works in Munich

Untitled, 2007

Acrylic on paper
30 x 24 cm

Emanuel Seitz usually works in small-scale formats, which makes his images intimate, fragile and delicate in nature. They appear to be cosmic snapshots of the world: streaks of what might be coloured primeval slime assume amorphous shapes that mix and form layers, that are at times opaque, at times transparent, at times side by side. Here and there forms emerge that are suggestive of landscapes and vegetation. These are colour spaces full of movement and dynamism that arouse not only associations, but, above all, convey moods.

The creative process is determined by two actors: the colour and the artist. By heavy dilution of the paint, Seitz gives it an autonomous momentum which causes it to flow, mix and morph. He then deliberately intervenes to fix the resulting forms.

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