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© Ekrem Yalcindag<br/>    Picture: Courtesy of Kai Middendorff Galerie, Frankfurt<br />

Ekrem Yalcindag

Born 1964 in Gölbasi, Turkey
Lives and works in Berlin and Istanbul

La Vie en Rose oder Tanz in Andalusien, 2003

Oil on canvas, mounted on wood
Diameter, 100 cm

Ekrem Yalcindag's visual language is the ornamental idiom. Yet no line, no form and no pattern with which he spreads a network over the canvas repeats itself. With a razor-thin brush, size 0, the artist applies layer upon layer of luminescent paints, creating ornamental images with a unique fine relief structure. It is a complex process that often takes several months. Yalcindag's painting thus approaches such old artistic techniques as embroidery and mosaic, and adapts these to a new, contemporary form of expression.

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