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© Ecke Bonk<br/>    Picture: Bruchhaus/Lachenmann, Munich<br />

Ecke Bonk

Born 1953 in Cairo, Egypt
Lives and works in Karlsruhe and Fontainebleau

i-ching.OS – ein betriebssystem/von den himmelskörpern, 1997

Enamelled glass, mirror panels, lights
Installation over 4 floors

Conceptual artist Ecke Bonk's work revolves around the visualisation of linguistic processes. He deals with sign systems as an interdisciplinary expression of art, science and philosophy.

The installation in a Munich Re office building is based on the 3,000-year-old Chinese Book of Changes (I Ching), one of the major ancient works of characters and symbols. It consists of eight oracle signs, trigrams, whose basic graphic components are an unbroken line (yáng) and a line broken in the middle (yin). Bonk represents the 64 possible trigram combinations of as light symbols on the four floors of the staircase.

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