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Dieter Rehm

Born 1955 in Memmingen, Germany
Lives and works in Munich

Uno Gebäude, 1991/1994

Scanachrom in acrylic on canvas
275 x 222 cm

From photo-realistic painting, Dieter Rehm went on to become a self-taught photographer. Although urban spaces predominate in the work of Dieter Rehm, the artist does not allow himself to be bound by a particular subject. His motifs are mostly ordinary places that he primarily seeks and finds in cities such as Chicago, Hong Kong, New York, Vienna or London. In his elaborately choreographed, large-format paintings, he plays with reality, bringing out lighting effects, creating shadows and contrasts, striving to create a surreal, almost artificial atmosphere. He documents the site and, at the same time, alienates it. Tonal values are orchestrated so as to create a game of perceptive deception between the positive and negative image. The eye of the viewer is confused, and perception becomes a change of perspective.

He has been a professor of photography since 2001 and President of the Munich Academy of Fine Arts since 2010.

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