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© Darren Almond<br/>    Picture: Courtesy of Galerie Max Hetzler, Berlin<br />

Darren Almond

Born 1971 in Wigan, UK
Lives and works in London

All Things Pass, 2012

Bronze, hand-painted
20 x 184 cm

With his works, Darren Almond continuously moves amongst different media, which include film, drawing, painting, sculpture and photography, with time and space as his recurrent fundamental themes.

The form of the bronze sculpture, "All Things Pass", calls to mind British Railway signs at train stations and hence mobility. For Almond, being in motion constitutes a central symbol for the basic principle of time. He concerns himself not only with the idle "everything passes", but also with the temporal flow in which time can be experienced. The work is a call to action and thus a call to move on, because every wistful attempt to capture the moment is ultimately doomed. The moment ends, but the passing of time as such is neverending.

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