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© Cy Twombly Foundation<br/>    Picture: Jens Bruchhaus, Munich<br />

Cy Twombly

Born 1928 in Lexington (Virginia), USA
Died 2011 in Rome, Italy

Natural History II (Some trees of Italy), (8 prints), 1976

75 x 56 cm

Going beyond abstract expressionism, Cy Twombly scrawled signs on blackboards and plaster-like painting surfaces. His spontaneous, rhythmical character notations, interwoven with smudges and delicate traces of colour, can be understood as a scriptural recording of everything that moved the artist. In his work, he combined different literary, musical and artistic impulses, recollections of time-honoured knowledge, of the past and present, and thus developed a unique visual language. In "Natural History II", Twombly concerned himself with the tradition of scientific representation of plants as published in bygone days for study purposes.

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