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Christoph Keller

Born 1967 in Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany
Lives and works in Berlin

Menschenstrom, 2007

Lambda print
58 x 720 cm

Christoph Keller's interdisciplinary work bridges the frontier between art and science. He experiments, invents and researches. His inventions even measure up to scientific criteria. The artist has already registered several patents, for example, the movable mirrors from his solar mirror project for the reflection of sunlight into dark living quarters and courtyards, or the camera for panorama and single-frame shots, with which it is possible to create photographic diagrams of movements and produce circular panorama-like pictures. Reality becomes utopia, and utopia becomes reality. Keller himself regards his artistic work as "intervention in reality". It connects the paradigms of art and science, which are diametrically opposed in today's world.

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