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© Brigitte Kowanz / Munich Re<br/>    Picture: Bruchhaus/Lachenmann, Munich<br />

Brigitte Kowanz

Born 1957 in Vienna, Austria
Lives and works in Vienna

Reflection, 2003

Light, reflective coating, lacquer
Approx. 3 x 24 m

Brigitte Kowanz’s artistic work revolves around light – light in the form of luminous spots of colour, as neon-lit lettering and also as fleeting interplays of light and shadow. For the Austrian artist, light is not only medium and material, but in its physical and metaphysical dimension, also the object of her contemplation.

In "Reflection", Brigitte Kowanz works with the reflection of light. She has covered two walls of a room with a highly reflective textile that refracts the light falling on it into colours of the spectrum. To enhance the play of light, she has also added a thin layer of paint, which in turn produces new colour refractions. Oblique light mixes with artificial and natural light and with the artificial light from steles specially equipped with fluorescent tubes. For fractions of seconds, light patterns appear, dissipate and reappear as new patterns.

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