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© Brian McKee<br/>    Picture: Courtesy of Nusser & Baumgart, Munich<br />

Brian McKee

Born 1977 in Excelsior Springs, USA
Lives and works in New York and Vienna

Kabul, Afghanistan #37, 2003/2004

C-print, on aluminium
126 x 162 cm

Based on strict composition and bathed in soft light, Brian McKee's large-scale photographs show barren landscapes and architectures ravaged by war. Whether on the road in India, Uzbekistan or Afghanistan, McKee seeks bleak, desolate places that were once a part of urban life. He photographs them with his 8 x 10-inch plate camera without using artificial light. They are photos of both poignant and nightmarish beauty. In their monumentality, they recall idealised landscape paintings of the 17th and 18th century, but at second glance, one realises that this beauty belies war and destruction. His photographs of bombed-out palaces and vast, war-torn landscapes are not documents of horror. Rather, they are contemporary symbols of transience, which embody the certainty of creation and passing, of life and death.

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