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© Angela Bulloch / Munich Re<br/>    Picture: Jens Bruchhaus, Munich<br />

Angela Bulloch

Born 1966 in Rainy River, Canada
Lives and works in Berlin and London

TV Tower and Tube System 8:4, 2001

Pixel Boxes, optical fibre
Length, approx. 60 m

Angela Bulloch chooses the pixels of electronic media, which she understands to be a means of contemporary expression of the 21st century, as a creative tool. Bulloch isolates and enlarges these tiny dots into individual luminescent colour boxes from which she then builds her sculptural works. She frequently works with interactive effects that directly involve the viewer.

In an underground passageway at Munich Re, the artist has installed light bands that emit a flow of soft coloured illumination along the walls close to the floor. A tower of pixel boxes stand in a rotunda. Both the boxes and the bands of light react to the movement of passers-by, sending their light in an array of colours along the passageway and running up and down the tower.

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