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© Andy Hope 1930<br/>    Picture: Galerie Christine Mayer, Munich

Andy Hope 1930

Born 1963 in Munich, Germany
Lives and works in Berlin

Time Machine (1-4), 2011

Lacquer, oil on canvas board
80 x 60 cm

The oeuvre of Andy Hope 1930 includes drawings, paintings, collages, installations and also sculptures. His expressive works intimate events in history and art history, and phenomena of popular culture such as science fiction or comics. Characters like Superman and Batman, but also film heroes like John Wayne, inhabit what are often eerie image worlds created by the artist.

The black ovals of thickly applied paint are set off against an orange background, with the words "Time Machine" auspiciously added in angular letters, and act as gateways to another dimension in time and space. "Time Machine" is a throwback to an earlier work by the artist. Andy Hope 1930 is always looking back on his own work, taking up motifs and forms again and again in order to reformulate them.

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