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© Andreas Chwatal<br/>    Picture: Jens Bruchhaus, Munich<br />

Andreas Chwatal

Born 1982 in Regensburg, Germany
Lives and works in Munich

Untitled (series of six ink drawings), 2008

Ink, wash, on paper
29 x 21 cm

Andreas Chwatal's artistically virtuoso work features a combination of text and image. But the image does not illustrate the text and the text is not a source for the image. What they have in common is the moment of their creation, that moment at which the artist decides whether to produce the idea on paper as an image or as text.

Andreas Chwatal's worlds of images and signs are unique and distinctive. They adhere to no current trends in contemporary art and, although their clearly symbolic nature is reminiscent of the dream imagery of surrealists, they are unrelated. Previews and sequels are created here like narrative snapshots whose only history and sequel are created in the observer’s imagination and personal associations with life.

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