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© Agnes Jänsch<br/>    Picture: Jens Bruchhaus, Munich

Agnes Jänsch

Born 1980 in Dachau, Germany
Lives and works in Munich

With love and devotion, 2009/10

Ten small-scale sculptures, different sizes

The source of inspiration for the ten horse bronzes by sculptor Agnes Jänsch are two monumental equestrian statues by Max von Widnmann that have greeted visitors to the Munich Academy of Fine Arts for over a hundred years now. In her contemporary interpretation, however, Jänsch dispenses with the horsemen and instead focuses on the horses, which she renders in various poses – some in a walking gait, some prancing, some poised to jump.

The small-scale bronzes are reminiscent of 19th century sculpture. But only at first glance. Agnes Jänsch distorts the repertoire of forms modelled after an idealised nature according to classic guidelines. Her horse images are not proud and perfect, but deformed and manifestly vulnerable.

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