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Marc Weis, born 1965 in Daun, Germany
Martin De Mattia, born 1963 in Rheinhausen, Germany
Live and work in Munich

Spalt, irgendwo da draußen, 2002

Video, screens
600 x 90 cm

The starting point for the artistic work of M+M is space – space in the sense of networked structures. Climatic correlations, human organisms, traffic networks and the internet are examples of these. The artist duo realises most of its projects with the help of experts from science and technology into whose systems it integrates its narration and images.

In an office building of Munich Re, a column 90 cm wide reaching from ceiling to floor opens up for one minute every hour on the hour. We see a computer-animated, park-like landscape with exotic animals, birds and butterflies, and the occasional human. The image might be wintry and cold, sun-bathed or moonlit, to reflect actual seasons or times of day. For a fleeting moment, this other mysterious artificial world encounters our reality, only to quickly retreat to a secret place.

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