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© Katharina Gaenssler / Munich Re<br/>    Picture: Munich Re<br />

Katharina Gaenssler

Born 1974 in Munich, Germany
Lives and works in Munich

Echo, 2018

Digital photomontage, pigment print on fleece wallpaper
256 x 16000 cm

With its domed hall bathed in light and adjacent light passages, the Conference Centre in an commercial building of Munich Re appears to create a panoramic reflection against the rounded outer walls of the conference rooms, where you can lose yourself in the seemingly endless expanse.

The starting point of Katharina Gaenssler’s artistic concept was the actual space, from which an architectonic model on a scale of 1:20 was built. Here, she simulated the incident coloured light of the passages with artificial light sources, as well as the natural play of shadows of the domed structure. Next, the artist photographed this artificial spatial reality in single frames from different perspectives and transferred them onto the walls of the model after processing them on the computer. The motifs appearing on the convex cylindrical walls of the conference rooms show this illusory spatial impression captured on the surfaces of the model. Images and reflections are duplicated in joint perspectives. This duplication provides a stereoscopic experience of the light passages as well as the domed space with its play of shadows on the surfaces. The symmetry and reflection of the resulting shapes and the confluence of lines and perspectives convey an optical echo in an artistic presentation. The space is repeatedly projected onto itself. This gives rise to an image within an image in this space.

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