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Temple Insurance Company

Temple Insurance Company, Toronto
390 Bay Street, 21st floor
Toronto, Ontario   
M5 H 2Y2

Toll free: 1 877 364-2851
Phone: +1 416 364-2851  
Fax: +1 416 361-1163   


Claus-Ulrich Kroll
President and Chief Executive Officer,  Munich Re Canada
(416) 359-2101

Dan Zivkovic
Senior Vice President, Temple Insurance Company   
(416) 359-2344

David Spagnuolo
Vice President , Commercial Underwriting 
(416) 359-2342

Commercial Underwriting Department

David Spagnuolo
Vice President , Commercial Underwriting
(416) 359-2342

Property and Construction

Richard Subissati
Senior Underwriter

Todd Morin

Specialist, Commercial Underwriting

Brandon Chalklin

Underwriter, Commercial Underwriting

Helena McLeod Pinnock
Specialist, Casualty Commercial Underwriting

Strategic Partners

Karina Busque
(416) 681-6934

Engineering - Risk Control

Don Keefe
Assistant Vice President, Engineering     
(416) 359-2345

Claims - Reporting a Loss

To report a loss, please contact our Claims personnel using the email address below:

(Please do not report new claims directly to Kevin. Please use address above.)

Kevin O'Toole

Assistant Vice President, Claims     
Cell: (416) 627-8140
Office: (416) 359-2134

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