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Industrial and Commercial Risk Unit

Temple Insurance Company of Canada is poised to serve the property and casualty needs of mid-sized industrial and commercial companies.

Temple's underwriters are prepared to offer lead subscription and 100% policy participations for large property programmes maintaining key exposures with amount subjectivity between values of Can$ 25m and Can$ 100m. They are equally well prepared to offer primary casualty participations for companies ranging in revenue from Can$ 25m to Can$ 250m.

Temple will service public and private organisations that can benefit from its technical underwriting knowledge, resources and experience. The offering includes property and casualty covers for target sectors such as manufacturing and processing, natural resources, power generation and utilities, industrial and commercial real estate, logistics and warehousing risks, consumer retail and service chains, the hospitality industry, and businesses with export elements.

Valuable know-how for growing industries

The new approach complements Temple’s traditional business model, which is to provide quality capacity to risk-managed organisations, and makes its know-how and resources readily available to an additional area within the Canadian market. In this context, the company partners with primary insurance brokers and clients. Temple is equipped not only with a team of underwriters who have a deep understanding of the specific complex risks in the sectors it serves, it also gives clients access to Munich Re’s extensive resources. These include computer-based tools such as the NATHAN Risk Suite, used for analysing geo risks, as well as valuable industry publications. Temple’s initiative promises to serve business opportunities for brokers and commercial players in some of Canada’s most dynamic and high-potential industries – and give companies and communities the quality insurance backing they need to realise ambitious plans.

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