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1 June 2015 | Press Release

Corporate News

Munich Re wants to make a bigger impact

We talked to Philipp Wassenberg about the special features of the Canadian insurance market and his first experiences in his new home.

Topics: How was your relocation from Germany to Canada?

Philipp Wassenberg: A move like this is exciting, but it can be fairly turbulent as well. My family and I gave up our old life in Germany to start afresh in the metropolis of Toronto and you should not underestimate the impact that such a
change can have.

What are the biggest challenges on the business front?

First of all, I had to get used to the fact that the focus of my activities had fundamentally changed, from purely operational responsibilities to managing a company. One major challenge we face at the moment is to mesh more closely with Head Office in Munich so that we can make more effective use of Group know-how and resources. This will allow us to make a bigger impact on the local market. Even though we are the number one reinsurer in the country, the competition never rests.

To read the full interview with Philipp, please click here (PDF, 343 KB)

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