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Casualty Facultative Department

Our underwriters, located in Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver, are specialists in all aspects of this line of business and have expertise in U.S. exposures and access to U.S. rating programs.

We write all types of Casualty risks including:

  • Comprehensive General Liability including Buffer Layers
  • Personal and Commercial Umbrella
  • Automobile Liability including Accident Benefits and SEF/OEF # 44
  • Professional Liability including Malpractice
  • Wrap Up Liability
  • Tenant's Legal Liability (if written in the client's casualty department)
  • Non Profit Directors and Officers Liability for Condominiums

Beyond the usual needs of main street Canada’s commercial market segment lies a more advanced, risk assuming segment of insurance buyers. Their needs range from pure risk transfer, to risk sharing, to sophisticated claims partnerships, to outright segmentation of their more catastrophic liability exposures.

Typical Special Risk insurance clients are:

  • Risk Managed and are focused on Corporate Governance and Catastrophe containment
  • Risk Assuming with particular Risk Transfer needs; examples would include Reciprocals, Retention Programs, and Captives
  • Financial 500 Companies with industry specific coverage needs
  • International Firms faced with the ongoing task of evaluating and transferring exposures across a broad jurisdictional landscape
  • Associations requiring a stable partner with the necessary sophistication to entertain industry specific coverage amendments
  • Professional bodies seeking insurers and reinsurers who understand, converse in, and can add an actuarial dimension to their partnership dialogue

More information

For any questions about our business, please call 1 800 268-9705, or write an email.

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