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Professional Development

From the first day with Munich Re, we provide you with the tools you need to take an active role in managing your career.
Through a culture of continuous learning and development, we work together to ensure our employees have ample opportunity to develop both personally and professionally over the course of their career. From opportunities on the job, to in-house training, to study time for professional designations, MLMC provides you with a variety of options to develop your skills.

Learning and Development

Our learning and development strategy requires that our employees take an active role in managing their own career. It is part of our commitment to employees to continue to provide opportunities that allow our employees to expand on their personal and professional growth. Typical program offerings include presentation skills, business writing, organizational tools, project management, among others.

Performance Management

Munich Re is a high performance organization, encouraging continuous development and rewarding employees who perform at high levels. Our performance management process is a collaborative practice in which you and your manager establish performance goals that support both the business and your indi-vidual development, as well as assist in your personal growth.

Leadership Development

We value leadership at every level and we expect our employees to act as business leaders – always! Our leaders focus on growing themselves, their people and the organization. Leadership opportunities are frequently presented to individuals at all levels throughout the organization, combined with training and coaching to ensure employees have the leadership tools they need to succeed.

Educational Assistance Program

Munich Re Canada (Life) encourages studies that will be mutually beneficial to the employee and the Company. While outside courses and designations do not guarantee advancement, education can be an important factor to the employee’s progress.
Eligible full-time employees can receive financial assistance for approved courses and materials taken at accredited institutions, including classes which lead to industry designations.

Actuarial Study Program

Our Actuarial Study Program is designed attract, develop and retain the top actuarial talent in the industry and contribute to the continual development and overall success of employees. We achieve this through the recognition and reward for individuals having passed actuarial exams and obtaining Actuarial designations. For eligible employees, we offer exam registration reimbursement, study hours, bonuses and salary increases for passing actuarial exams and for achieving an Actuarial designation. Eligibility for the program is determined by Human Resources and is open only to those who demonstrate a serious commitment to this professional designation and who are engaged in actuarial work for us.

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