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Senior Leadership Team

Meet our Canadian Senior Leadership Team

Mary Forrest Mary Forrest, FSA, FCIA
President and CEO,
North America (Life and Health)
Simon Curtis Bernard Naumann, FSA, FCIA
President and CEO, 
Canada (Life and Health)
Richard Letarte Richard Letarte, FSA, FCIA
President and CEO, New Ventures,
a division of North America (Life and Health)
Lloyd Milani Lloyd Milani, FSA, FCIA, MAAA
Executive Vice President and Chief Risk Officer,
North America (Life and Health)
Michael Correa, FSA, FCIA
Senior Vice President, Reinsurance Solutions,
Canada (Life)
Sharad Mehra, FSA, FCIA
Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer,
Canada (Life)
Rebecca Rycroft, FSA, FCIA, MAAA
Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer,
Canada (Life and Health)
Jackie Puchalski
Jackie Puchalski, CHRL
Senior Vice President, Human Resources,
Canada Region

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