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Location Risk Intelligence
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Location Risk Intelligence

Munich Re’s Location Risk Intelligence keeps you in full control of natural disaster and climate change risks worldwide and at all times, so you can concentrate fully on your core tasks.

Location Risk Intelligence is a comprehensive analysis platform for location risk assessment and management. Alternatively, you can access the scores of the solution via API (Application Programming Interface) and use this data entirely in your own applications.
This modular, powerful solution combines different complementary assessment models to generate detailed, meaningful assessments based on data from past events on the one hand, and future oriented assessments that take into account a wide range of internationally agreed climate change scenarios on the other.
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Natural Hazards Edition

… is the ideal solution for companies which want to reliably evaluate the current status of their portfolios or individual locations.

In addition to the comprehensive overall score, which is based on the three individually accessible detailed scores for earthquake, storm and flood, users receive dedicated ratings for a total of 12 natural hazards, including earthquakes, volcanoes, tsunamis, tropical storms, hail, tornadoes, lightning, wildfires, river floods, storm surges, etc.

All analysed locations are visually displayed in the form of detailed maps with risk layers and can be saved as reports together with all individual scores. The evaluation criteria can be extended modularly at any time by adding those of the Climate Change Edition, Wildfire HD Edition and other modules.

Also available On-Demand - In the On-Demand version, users without a contractual commitment can use credits that can be purchased directly on the website to determine risk assessments for individual locations and download them as meaningful reports.

In contrast to the subscription version, the evaluation of portfolios as well as the graphical  representation of individual risks is not possible in this version.

Natural Hazards
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Climate Change Edition

… supports companies in analysing and assessing the risks of future climate change.

From a single asset to multiple assets within a portfolio located in areas prone to the effects of future climate change, such as areas of extreme temperatures, extreme rainfall, drought stress, tropical cyclones, fire stress, sea-level rise, etc.

In contrast to the Natural Hazards Edition, risk assessments are not calculated on the basis of past events, but on forecasts of future events that are expected to occur as a result of climate change.

In order to generate an all-encompassing assessment, the Climate Change Edition can also be  supplemented at any time with the functions of the Natural Hazards Edition, Wildfire HD Edition and other modules.

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Wildfire HD Edition

... provides the analysis and assessment of the increasing risks of wildfires due to climate change in the USA and Canada.

The maps in the Wildfire HD Edition offer, in contrast to those of Natural Hazards Edition or Climate Change Edition, a significantly higher resolution in order to generate even more detailed assessments.

Alternatively, these maps can also be integrated as a Wildfire HD Module into the other two theme-specific editions.

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