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Examining the Impact of the Pandemic on Health and Weight

Pandemic weight gain is not in your imagination

Restrictions during the pandemic, increased stress levels, disruptions in our daily routines, less travel to places of employment and elsewhere can lead to stress eating and reduced activity and exercise. The result for many has been an increase in weight during the pandemic.

Multiple studies have found an increase in weight, on average, during the early part of the pandemic. Since mortality and morbidity expectations tend to be projected from historical insurance experience, trends toward a faster than expected weight gain in younger ages will likely lead to greater than anticipated risk. It will be essential to consider this increased risk both in the underwriting of overweight and obese applicants and in the projected results for a company’s overall block of business.

Take an in-depth look at the analysis on the Munich Re Life US website.

Could the pandemic weight-gain observations simply be an extension of the trends already occurring?

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