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The Agile Insurer Manifesto

THE AGILE INSURER MANIFESTO - Why Speed is Not Enough in Today's Market

Download our guide to discover the 10 critical steps to become a more agile life insurer

Fluid-Free Underwriting

FLUID-FREE - Faster, Cheaper, Better Underwriting Using Third Party Data

Life insurers need to offer quicker decisions and competitive premiums while streamlining your processes and protecting the business against risk. The answer: fluid-free processing.

Secrets of Straight-Through Processing

6 SECRETS OF STRAIGHT-THROUGH PROCESSING - A Primer for Today's Forward Thinking Insurers

Learn about six key practices that can radically improve your STP rates.

Creating a Business Case for Automated Underwriting

Creating the Business Case for Automated Underwriting - How to get buy-in for automated underwriting

Automation can unlock whole new segments of largely untapped markets. It's a big change, and getting buy-in can be daunting.


Best’s Review – ALLFINANZ is Revenue Driver (PDF, 283 KB)

Colm Kennedy, Executive Vice President Americas, Munich Re Automation Solutions Ltd., and Michael Taht, Senior Vice President, Life Reinsurance, Munich American Reassurance Co., say the Allfinanz suite of automated underwriting and new business applications is transforming underwriting into a business-enabling revenue driver.

Conquering the Next 50 Years: Winning New Technologies (PDF, 197 KB)

New business and underwriting automation has a strategic and pivotal role to play in helping insurance companies reach a broader base of potential clients and grow their business profitably in the digital world.

Underwriting – The New Paradigm (PDF, 677 KB)

Advances in product development, medical underwriting and automated underwriting have created a win-win climate for insurance companies and consumers.

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