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Success Stories

VitalityLife Simplify the Medical Screening Process with the Launch of the Vitality Nurse Application

VitalityLife introduced a new team of Vitality nurses, making it quicker and easier to gather the evidence necessary to determine an applicant's underwriting status for coverage.

Largest Filipino-Owned Life Insurer Revving up to Dominate the Philippine Market

“Every large company here contends with a highly dispersed network of offices. We constantly assess and work on ways to beat our competitors. They are automating, too, but we have the superior tools, dedication, and a head start.”

SpareBank 1 Forsikring

Norway’s Largest Risk Insurer Sells in 301 Branches, Binds Instantly on any Device, and Boosts STP

“The business pains we catalogued, prioritised and assessed are all in the past. They are cured. Straight through processing (STP) continues to improve and is now almost 40 percent. Previously, 25 percent of customers correctly and completely filled in the electronic form. Now it’s 80 percent.”

Zurich Germany

Zurich Germany increases customer flow, binds marketers, expects 20 percent lower admin costs

“I’m closing more contracts and we project cutting our medical GP costs by half, and overall administrative costs by 20 percent. We’re below industry averages in these expenses now and are still trimming.”


VitalityLife (formerly PruProtect) gains early foothold and profits through fast applications and "invisible" underwriting

"Smart interview questions and rules send fewer referrals up to human underwriting. That pushed straight-through processing to more than 60 percent and growing. So underwriting costs have dropped as a percentage of new business."


Cyprus-based EuroLife uses ALLFINANZ to cut sign-up times by 66 percent and medical costs by 20 percentCyprus

Clearly refined questions and rules, combined with marketing efficiencies, have resulted in a 20 percent reduction on underwriting-related medical costs and lower staffing in the underwriting department.

Sony Life Insurance

Superior consulting services from Sony Life Insurance Japan via an innovative application/declaration process using automated underwriting

The system includes a revolutionary tablet-based application process which can be completed on-screen from start to end of the application.

de Goudse

Netherlands Insurance Company de Goudse cuts processing time and provides better service

“Customers clearly appreciate this new system. It enables them to provide us with medical information in a much quicker and easier way. And as a consequence we can more quickly provide them with clarity about the acceptance of the risk.”

Australian-New Zealand life insurance company

Australian-New Zealand life insurance company cuts sales times and costs, while revenues rise

“New business increased more than 20 percent last year because we’re more responsive to advisers. Without this integrated system, sales would be far harder to process. Now I can see and describe our future in concrete terms.”

TAL Life Limited (Australia)

TAL Life Limited (Australia): TAL Life boosts revenue, strips internal costs, and serves advisers and customers with amazing speed

Munich Re’s ultra-flexible Allfinanz Interview Server ensures TAL’s traditions of careful underwriting stay in force through dynamically changing market conditions.

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