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16 September 2014

Mitsui Life Japan introduces new tablet-style information terminals and paperless contract procedures to improve customer service

Press release issued on 9 September by Mitsui Life Insurance Company Limited who selected the ALLFINANZ underwriting rules engine and Munich Re Japan assessment rules to power their tablet-based paperless representation process. Japanese version available here.

The Milet

Mitsui Life Insurance Co., Ltd. (President: Shinya Arisue) has launched a number of new initiatives to achieve its goal of "the very highest quality customer services." Its latest IT-driven customer service initiative is the introduction of the "Milet" tablet-style information terminal scheduled for October 2014.

The Milet (*1) will be distributed to all sales staff and used when making customer proposals and performing contract procedures. With the Milet, sales staff will be able to confirm policy content, and design and amend insurance coverage and terms at the customer's premises for a significant improvement in customer consulting services. From January 2015, the company will begin to use the Milet to move to paperless contract procedures, which will significantly reduce the procedural burdens on customers. It plans to add a range of new functions to the Milet to further enhance customer service.

Improving face-to-face consulting services

The Milet, which will be introduced in October 2014, will enable sales staff to provide explanations that are more easily understood by customers and respond to customer inquiries and requests on-site, for better face-to-face consulting services. The Milet will bring new efficiency to sales activities, increasing opportunities for customer contact and further improving customer satisfaction.


  • Easy for customers to see, easy for customers to understand
    Customers can view the sharp, large screen together with the sales staff as they consult on life plans and insurance designs, making it easier for the customer to understand policy content.
  • High-speed mobile communications enable quick response to customer inquiries and requests regardless of location 
    LTE (*2) high-speed mobile communications enable sales staff to confirm policy content, and design and amend insurance coverage regardless of the place, for on-the-spot response to customer inquiries and requests.
  • Advanced security
    No customer information is retained on the Milet to prevent the possibility of unauthorized disclosure of personal information. Physical authorization requires a password and ID card. Should the Milet be lost or stolen, remote operations are able to delete all important information on the terminal.

Paperless procedures significantly reduce burdens on customers

  • Beginning January 2015, the Milet will be used to move applications and representation procedures to paperless formats, which will increase the ease and certainty of procedures while significantly reducing the burdens on customers. 
  • Paperless formats will also eliminate the need for application copies and other paper documentation, which significantly reduces the risk of unauthorized disclosure of personal information. Customers can view application content and representations at any time on the web by registering with the "My Page" customer site. 


Paperless representation procedures are powered by the Munich Re Automation Solutions (head office: Dublin, Ireland) automated underwriting rules engine, ALLFINANZ Interview Server (AIS), and Munich Re Japan Life Branch (head office: Munich, Germany) automated underwriting assessment rules (rules for the display of interactive questions regarding injury or illness etc.).

Paperless application procedures

  • Applications require the user to make selections and input information with a touch pen as instructed by the Milet screen display.
  • An electronic signature using the touch pen on the Milet screen completes the application.
  • Automatic checking of input ensures that there is nothing omitted from the application, reducing the burdens on customers from documentation errors etc.
  • Application processing is performed digitally, which eliminates the need to send documents and shortens the time to policy execution.

Paperless representation procedures

  • An interactive interface is applied. The interface for the health status representation asks the customer questions about the injury or illness etc. to be notified, with additional follow-up questions according to the response.
  • An electronic signature on the Milet screen completes the representation.
  • In the future, the company plans to add functions that will enable on-the-spot decisions to accept or decline underwriting according to the nature of the representation.

(*1) "Milet" was coined from "Mitsui Life tablet."

(*2) "LTE" is an abbreviation for "Long Term Evolution" and refers to a mobile phone communications standard.

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