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Automated Underwriting

ALLFINANZ New Business Underwriting

Transform underwriting into a sales enabler and profit driver

ALLFINANZ is a suite of automated underwriting and new business applications that helps life insurers transform underwriting into a business-enabling revenue driver. ALLFINANZ empowers both sales and underwriting to work in a collaborative environment to deliver optimum risk selection, shorter sales cycles and more efficient and diverse distribution models. By unlocking the value in your electronic underwriting data, ALLFINANZ gives insurers the power to make informed and rapid strategic adjustments to ensure they write profitable business in the way that suits their clients best.

As adaptable as your business

Our approach has always been to develop solutions that our clients can easily adapt so it fits their unique underwriting systems and growth strategy needs. ALLFINANZ has been guided by three key themes: control, visibility and agility.

Drive continuous improvements in products and processes

Our software must be easy-to-use so our clients have the power to make rapid adjustments with minimum effort and no IT or vendor support. Allfinanz is very intuitive so underwriters have complete control of the effectiveness of their rules sets and electronic underwriting processes. Allfinanz empowers underwriters to design, create, maintain, manage, and control underwriting rules at all stages of their life-cycle. The Allfinanz Rules Designer is a graphical rules design tool that any business user can use to create rules for Allfinanz Interview Server or Allfinanz Decision Server. Its tree structure view of rules allows underwriters to ‘see and understand’ how a rule behaves without having to understand the intricacies of software programming logic. With powerful rules performance reporting, Allfinanz helps underwriters ensure that the rules are as efficient as possible, driving continuous improvements in products and processes.

Identify your own drivers for sustainable growth

ALLFINANZ unlocks the value of your underwriting data and gives you visibility into your underwriting, operational and customer trends from day one. The system provides underwriters, executives, managers and operational staff with deep and powerful real-time insight to help you identify your own drivers for sustainable growth. It includes a comprehensive reports library, which works out the box on day one. ALLFINANZ business analytics enables instant monitoring, and active management of the underwriting rules, as well as the operational, distribution and sales processes to help your team make informed decisions and rapid adjustments to the system.

Speed your response to changing needs and market conditions

As our clients business requirements evolve, our software must be easy to adapt so they can speed their response to changing needs and market conditions. From the beginning, ALLFINANZ has been built to be easily configurable so clients can quickly launch innovative products across a diverse range of distribution channels. Designed to support end-to-end underwriting from rapid issue to fully-underwritten business, ALLFINANZ provides an agile platform that fits within your existing technology environment and integrates seamlessly with third party electronic evidence providers. Using industrial-strength technologies, ALLFINANZ creates an extensible and cost-effective environment that grows with your business.

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