ALLFINANZ Underwriter Workbench

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ALLFINANZ Underwriter Workbench

ALLFINANZ Underwriter Workbench

Improve collaboration and manual underwriting efficiency

ALLFINANZ Underwriter Workbench is designed to accelerate the manual underwriting of life insurance applications referred by the ALLFINANZ Interview Server. The workbench provides in one central location all the tools and information an underwriter needs to evaluate and underwrite an application. The workbench enables faster processing of cases that cannot be underwritten automatically. It brings together internal and external data to improve collaboration and manual underwriting efficiency.

Key Benefits

  • Provides instant access to underwriting information and documents
  • Helps underwriters do their job more effectively
  • Personalised role-based access to underwriting information and cases
  • Informs good underwriting decision making
  • Enables faster processing of manual cases
  • Enhance risk assessment with multiple information sources
  • Improve service levels

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