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ALLFINANZ Rules Designer

ALLFINANZ Rules Designer

Create, change and improve your underwriting rules

ALLFINANZ Rules Designer is a key component of Interview Server. A graphical rules design tool, recognised as the easiest to use on the market, it allows underwriters to create the underwriting rules without requiring specialist IT knowledge.

Empowering underwriters has been the philosophy of Munich Re’s Automation Solutions division since the company launched ALLFINANZ Rules Designer over ten years ago. The evolution of the system has been guided by the qualitative input of many underwriters. Underwriters across the globe have used the tool to create rules for many benefits including Life, Critical Illness, Total and Permanent Disability, Income Protection, Wavier of Premium and many other benefits specific to their regions.

The underwriting rules have been written in multiple languages and for multiple channels; such as agent, broker, tele-underwriting, partners, and direct to consumer over the internet. Their companies have proven the benefits of removing the IT roadblock between underwriters and the rules by achieving higher sales, lower costs and faster underwriting times. Our clients have been able to decision up to 80% of new business applications at the point of sale across a range of distribution channels, while at the same time reducing administrative cost by as much as 85%.

ALLFINANZ Rules Designer contains multiple features to allow underwriters to only ask questions where necessary to come to an underwriting decision. Questions asked can be filtered by any data attribute. For example, different questions can be asked for different products, regions, smoker status, channel or anything else. Additional questions can also be asked based on answers to previous questions. This allows for short applications to add additional risk assessment pages if an applicant makes a relevant disclosure.

Filtering questions by page number

ALLFINANZ Rules Designer has been designed to allow an underwriter to ‘see and understand’ rules. There are no variables or other programming logic to confuse the business user. Underwriters create rules in a tree structure that is simple to understand and follow. They can use the drag and drop method to create and modify rules or check spelling. Allfinanz Rules Designer always verifies that rules are complete and valid before allowing them to be used.

It supports all underwriting outcomes, from ratings to termed ratings, medical requirements to exclusions, preferred lives and many others. It also allows the system to underwrite multiple risk types at the same time; this means an applicant does not have to answer multiple cycles of questions if they apply for a product with multiple benefits.

Designing a rule with ALLFINANZ Rules Designer

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