ALLFINANZ Interview Server

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ALLFINANZ Interview Server

ALLFINANZ Interview Server

Deliver profitable risk selection, shorter sales cycles and more efficient and diverse distribution models

ALLFINANZ Interview Server is the industry leading underwriting rules engine from Munich Re. It is controlled by a set of underwriting rules. Rules that are always consistently applied. Rules that your underwriters can easily control.

Our underwriting engine is extremely flexible, and able to help automate many of your new insurance applications. Users interact with the solution using intuitive, easy to understand browser screens, which interactively lead them through a series of questions uniquely tailored to their personal circumstances and the relevant life insurance product. The questions can be configured using the ALLFINANZ Rules Designer so only those necessary to determine an underwriting outcome are asked.

It allows you the ability to instantly issue policies at the point of sale. It can be used across your entire range of sales channels, including advisor channels, call centres, bancassurance and direct web sales. With multi-lingual and multi-look-and-feel support it is designed to seamlessly integrate into your point of sale (POS) solution. Helping you to accelerate elapsed times and increase sales.

Using industry‐proven technologies such as J2EE and commonly‐used enterprise Web Application Servers and Databases, ALLFINANZ Interview Server is designed to easily grow with your business. Performance can be scaled rapidly by using clustering and load balancing technologies to meet the most demanding requirements

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