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ALLFINANZ Business Analytics

ALLFINANZ Business Analytics

Transform underwriting data into sales insight

ALLFINANZ Business Analytics is a reporting and data analysis module that gives insurers complete and real time visibility into the effectiveness of their electronic new business process. ALLFINANZ Business Analytics transforms underwriting data into actionable sales insight tailored for various stakeholders in the new business process: underwriting, business development, operations and executives.

To thrive, insurers need rapid access to actionable business information to support business decisions. Information that goes beyond simple statistics. Information that is designed to help better measure the performance of the new business process, operational efficiency, customer service and distribution management effectiveness.

ALLFINANZ Business Analytics from Munich Re works in conjunction with your auto-underwriting and straight-through-processing solution. Designed to seamlessly provide detailed analysis and reporting capabilities, it includes a range of predesigned reports for various stakeholders in your organisation.

These reports provide in-depth business analysis of the performance of your new business process, enabling you to analyse and continually fine-tune underwriting rules, operational processes and distribution effectiveness. Using a highly flexible architecture, the solution transfers information from ALLFINANZ Interview Server database to a dedicated data mart at regular intervals. The data mart can also be easily configured to augment this information with data from any of your existing downstream business applications.

This allows you to instantly and clearly understand how your underwriting and new business processes are performing against your internal KPIs. Business users are able to easily create graphs and reports for themselves with our easy to understand web based screens. Reports can be generated on demand, or be produced according to predetermined schedules. Once generated, reports can be interactively navigated, allowing relationships between data points to be pinpointed and investigated immediately.

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