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ALLFINANZ Business Analytics

Turn pre-assessments into sales

Increase conversion of underwriting pre-assessments into sales, free up underwriter time and improve service to the distribution community.

SPECTRA is a patented technology aiming to become the gold standard for pre-assessment processing.

  • Reduce underwriting costs
    SPECTRA reduces the amount of underwriter’s time spent on pre-assessments.

  • Save IT time with a cloud-based solution
    SPECTRA is a turnkey solution that requires no IT effort to implement and can be made available quickly to your entire distribution network

  • Reuse your automated underwriting rulebook to reduce costs
    SPECTRA can read your existing automated underwriting rulebook with no need to create and maintain a specific pre-assessment rulebook.

Shorten the new business process by placing underwriting results directly into the initial conversation between agents and consumers. Place sales effort behind the quotes worth pursuing using advanced sales desk analytics

  • Underwriting results at a glance
    The spectrum of results is available at a glance for each risk type. SPECTRA indicates the likelihood of an outcome and identifies additional steps that may be needed to complete the underwriting process.

  • Intuitive and conversational interface
    SPECTRA’s intuitive and conversational interface helps the agent describe the client as they would in an email to an underwriter.

  • Refine the range of outcomes
    Refine the spectrum of outcomes by providing additional information about select disclosures.


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